[en] (Chile) Posthumous message to warrior Kevin Garrido, from an Individualist Tending Towards the Wild

“(…) And they though or believed that they would scare me; A spit in the face of the power and a war until the last consequences was and is my furious answer. (…)”

“(…) I felt the solitude for so many months that my hermetic heart already got used to the permanent threat of a scalpel behind it, nothing nor anyone will manage to erase the scars that will remain for life and with wich I will embrace the death in revenge for everything they managed to do with me and those next to me.(…)”

“(…) I will never suppress from my memory the kicks and punches to the cops and their ugly faces of cowardice, my days and nights running with fire in my hands towards the authority, the alarms screaming as buildings burned to the ground, the citizens running away and screaming terrified as a bus burned in the night. The nights when the city resonated with an explosion and its blaze spreading terror. I will never forget the police running for cover as bullets rain over them or the beautiful curve of a 40 millimeter bullet(…)”

“(…) On difficult times we never abandoned the struggle, may the dogs bark around us, but their breath never came close to us, we were looking each other, reafirming our choices, checking our weapons, we asked to our hate and say “lets go one more time…this time until the end…” (…)”

“(…) I hope that an infinite number of bombs explode against the citizenry, because “the disgusting citizen life is not only in the barracks”. I stand against civilization and in the citizenry/humanity i found the most civilized target (including myself), they are the ones that stick to the progress and still want to continue destroying everything that is indomitable, everything that is wild for filthy and disgusting plastic called money. (…)”

How difficult is to write some words to say a last good bye to an indomitable warrior. I never knew you Kevin but this is not an impediment to feel what I feel in my heart. Just with your actions and your writings I can understand our terrible affinity.

We never look to each other or crossed a word, but I always felt inside me this great spiritual conecction. Since the moment in wich you spit proudly in front of the TV cameras, since the moment that I listen exited: “Down with the jails of the civilized society”, since that moment my heart knew it.

I am deeply sad for your departure brother, I will not deny it. It was morning and because I normally never check the internet I couldn’t believe it, while I was reading I beg to be just a mistake, but no, it was you compa. Inmidialty my guts and my heart ached, my eyes were full of tears…

It is true that Im sad, but the death must be loved as we love the life, and this is how life is desired and lived, in the same way death must be desired and lived. And your death, the death of the warriors, is the most beautiful. It is true that Im sad, but there is something in your depart that fill me with joy. As you died struggling in the filthy prisons, you passed away fighting until the last moment and Im sure that you longed for the death brother, my spirit can feel it, you wanted to pass away and leave us by fighting, as the ancient wild araucanos…

Im refilled by an ancestral feeling of happyness knowing that you are not anymore and you went to the abyss. Towards there you depart now compa, the abyss are your new home. Those abyss that are inhabited by the souls of other warriors. Those abyss that I only visit when I go around with my explosive device, those abyss that I will also inhabit at some point. I wait with excitement that day, for the moment just wait for me little brother, so we will laught togheter like demons!

Send regards to the ancestrals, to Caupolican and Lautaro, to Lola Kiepja and the spirits of Kloketen, send regards to Punki Mauri and tell him that we still honor his name, tell him that it is true, “the death told us that she love us”. Send regards to many other warriors and tell them to wait for us as before we die we will embrace the Chaos…

Because we will see each other there brother, but not yet. I still breathing and alive and my blood is burning flowing through my veins. And as this still being like that I will attack with all my strenght agains the civilization. With my accomplices or alone and I promise in honor to your memory that I will continue the war.

Compa, I do not promise you revenge, no. I promise you to continue my path of attacks against humanity and its progress, I promise you fire and gunpowder, blood, wounds and dead.

I want to go just tomorrow to honor your name, my body wishes it, but I hold myself and calm down, I have and We have some devices ready, but its not the moment yet. Meanwhile I light a candle and an aromatic stick as simbolic act in the distance to say good bye, with the song “A Danza das Animas” from SM and a howl towards the dark sky I ended the ritual.

How much I want to go and say good bye at your wake and shed a tear over your coffin. I just limited myself to remember you from the distance and write this words, may your close people say good bye to you as a warrior.

This is the life and death of the warriors, remember that the warrios not only die, no. The death of an individualist at war release the energy of the Chaos and his soul stay always next to us, accompanies and guide us.

A warrior has died, he died embracing the Chaos and that will be never forgotten, I will never forget, We will never forget.

Brother, from the same lands that we inhabit I say goodbye to you with crying eyes and a proud smile. Still dancing in the abyss!

¡Mauri, Seba, Mark, Kevin, they died as the ancestral ones did!

For the live in the Chaos, for the death in the Chaos!

Always in my memory and in the path of ITS!

What is coming is for you Kevin, is for all of you!

“I open my arms to you, we are who will stand and fight next to you, we will embrace the life, we will embrace the death.”




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