[en] (Chile) 64 ITS communique: On the internet neighborhood watch


The truth is that we have few or not-at-all interest in enter in discussion with the local or international anarchist scenes, we understood that this is only a waste of words and we got bored of virtual fights, in general we rather preffer to continue with our activities, but sometimes the scandals of certain characters deserve to be adressed. As it is the case with the last bullshit from some european bloguers.

At this point, we are not surprised that things scalate until this level, we think that those are the consequences of our extremist war against the civilized humanity. And as southerners members of ITS, we have something to say.

We will start with a question, those “anarchists” owe loyalty to us? respect? empathy or something like that? The answer is clearly NO, they dont own absolutely nothing to us, they are not even a little bit affine to us, as we are ENEMIES. Can we expect anything good from an enemy? the answer is again NO. So then, about what can we complain? They are totally legitimate. How can we complain if our brothers attacked anarchists and their spaces, this is just the obvius consequences tha we have to face with inteligence and violence if necessary.

The brothers from SSS in Brazil already spoken, we could payback with the same tactic, and begin to expose pics, names and adresses as well, but we will not do so because we are not miserable, period. We are not here to go around snitching on any criminal, that never. We are in this earth to spread chaos, to shatter human flesh with our explosives, we are here to unleash the revenge of the spirits of the earth against humanity.

We will not waste words threatening these people, we know that will be useless and honestly we believe that do not have any effect on them. This is ratified after the brothers from ITS in Mexico and Brazil spoke about that issue. What these people did, did they got scared? they retreat? no, actually the opposite, they still in they path no matter what. And not happy enough with exposing a theorist of the tendency, they exposed also his home adress, and even “expose” the IP adress from the blog “Maldicion Eco-extremista” (that make us laught).

To say that their methods did not have any effect in the tendency would be illusory, as the consequences are on sight, some valuable projects of propaganda and DIFUSION on the internet have been abandoned, It could be say that their accusatory campaign have been sucessful. But, what do you think? Do you think that the activities of ITS will stop? That we will bow before your virtual campaigns? That we are afraid of being exposed in your website? That we will abandon the war? THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. We avoided the investigations of the cops, avoiding you will not be a major issue.

So you can continue with your virtual doxxing that seems to be the only thing you can do good. We will continue mixing the potassium nitrate, carbon and sulfur, we continue experimenting with different containers, we still checking routes. Be careless, we continue our path of terror.


Thi is how the the veil fell and the true intentions of those people are revealed. They are not on this to attack or destroy any society, not even to defend it if was the case, they are not the “anti” of any civilization, in fact, they are the forces of social cohesion taken one step further, like the superheroes of the movies, enemies of the police because of their radical methods, but always in pursuit of the real villains. Those that in the acts and not in words, want to see everything burning.

The veil fell long time ago, those characters are revealing their true face, the most citizen one. We can’t, we refuse to believe that this accusatory campaign was being headed by “anarchists”, it could not be. We can’t fit in our mind that some “anarchists” arrived to that point…

This thing of posting pics and adresses is something worthy of an NGO or a neighborhood watch. You are a shame for the anarchy (the true anarchy), you are a shame for the memory of the old anarchist terrorists, you are a shame for the anarchy of Mauricio Morales, for the anarchy risks everything with the fuses, for the anarchy that detonates fire extinguishers full of gunpowder and burn down banks.

You are not any more anarchists lads (if you ever were), you dont have anymore not even a single cell of anarchy in your body. And if this is the “new anarchy” , “may god save us”…

For the memory of the countless anarchist terrorists from the past and some of the present, leave this category and stop staining the few respectable things about anarchy that left in this world.

We ask ourselves why not even one of your internet friends reposted the pics and adresses of your accusatory campaign, why is that? May your internet friends realize that this methods have nothing to do with anarchists?

And please, told that “little chinese” to stop talking foolishness, as he already wrote two letters about us and nobody cares. You are out of fashion…


We had a conversation between the brothers of the south and this situation of the pics leave us worried, may someone from here recognize us and send pics of any of us to those people in order to post them in their webpage so we can get imprisoned. We have been for several years mocking the police intelegence on the south and now some guys from the other side of the world will come to catch us. And thus, do in a moment what the local goverments were unable to do in three years.

On the sight of this difficult situation we want to make a public call-out to everyone who knows our identity; “To all the rebel scene, we would deeply appreciate if you do not send our pics to those gentlemen so they can’t post us in their blog, thanks a lot in advance”. Ha-ha.

The truth is that we handle this situation with humor, as we don’t care if we are exposed in your webpage, lets see first if you manage to find us. They spoke about send the antifascists mercenaries who were in Rojava to Mexico and Brasil to hunt down ITS groups, (LOL), good luck in the mexican slums and in the brazilian favelas, where the blood gush on the streets and the smell of death is a daily thing.

We can make jokes about that, but facts are facts, this neighborhood watch exposed an eco-extremist propagandist and this is something that can’t be fixed. There are some accomplices enraged, many things crossed our minds to act acordingly to this, many are the possibilities, for now in the south we did not have big fights with the anarchist scene. In any case, we are aware to what could happens…

They can discredit us and slander us, they want to point us with the finger, expose our names or faces, but those jelaous nuns do not scare us, we take a shit and a piss on their bastard and virginal morality.

Despite who gets upset, ITS will continue the path of destruction. The tragedies of the humanity will continue and we are on the side of the disaster, is just matter of time that the balance tilts towards the Chaos.

We continue our way, never doing the work of the police, never playing the heroes. Always proud criminals and truly antisocial.

Courage to the diffusers of the Trend, who despite the adversities raise projects and continue to contribute with their words to the war.

Avoiding all the police, the professionals and the self-taught!

Individualists Tending Towards the Wild – Chile

-Mistic Horde of the Forest

-Inquisitive Revengeful Band



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